The Suffolk Hay Company has over 40 years experience in growing and producing hay & haylage, we now have 400 acres down to grass in Suffolk.

Having had a strong involvement in the Equestrian world Breeding, Training and Competing, we know what is best for our horses.

The Suffolk Hay Company produces a high quality product, which provides a solid foundation for the health and nutrition of your horse, contributing majorly to the overall well being and performance that we all strive for.

We carefully monitor and oversee our grassland with annual soil sampling and hay analysis. Different varieties of grass are grown, catering for the finest racehorse, the competition horse, the happy hacker and the oldest laminitic pony. All the hay that leaves the farm has to meet our high standards to ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

“Hay making is not easy, Mother Nature is so important but married with good expertise and machinery, it is possible to produce hay that we at The Suffolk Hay Company are proud to sell – please give us a call, so we can deliver our product to you”¬† ¬†Adrian Keitley-Webb

Tel: 07940 837158 / 07535 516285

Address: Manor Farm, Monks Eleigh, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP7 7JL